TDI Podcasts: Best of Terry Bedford

TDI Podcast 188: Terry Bedford on Price Targets for S&P 500

November 21, 2010

Guest: Terry Bedford, GreyHawk Hedge Fund and writer for discusses his strategy. Now that the S&P 500 has shot past 1,175, what next? When do you get short, when do you push the longs. Terry provides insight as well as some of his favorite stock ideas.

TDI Podcast 176: Terry Bedford and The Next Leg Down

August 29, 2010

Guest: Terry Bedford discusses the direction of the markets from his standppoint and what we are looking forward to. Also, how to invest with this as a back-drop. Andrew starts off with a commentary on current economics, earnings and what is being done in client accounts. What to hold, what to fold..

TDI Podcast 157: Simply Elegant Technical Analysis

April 18, 2010

Guest: Terry Bedford and Andrew discuss simple rules to follow trends. How many times have you wished that there was an easier way to understand the trend. Moving averages, trend-lines, support/resistance are all party of Terry‘s simple, but effective strategy. Also, what is wrong with Goldman (GS)? AND, a new thesis with a couple of stocks that may fly.