TDI Podcasts: Best of Dennis Gartman

TDI Podcast 173 Gartman on The Grains and Paired Trade Ideas

August 8, 2010

Guest: Dennis Gartman and Tom Grisafi shed some light on the commodity markets.We look at the potential for Russia‘s drought and how that will play out on grain prices and opportunities that may come. Wheat higher or lower? What to look at to short, what to seek out for long positioning. NFP data is dissected as well.

TDI Podcast 109: Dennis Gartman is investing in.

May 17, 2009

Guest: Dennis Gartman provides us some reasons for the potential bull market in commodities. What to look for and what to stay away from. We also spend some time discussing the direction of the markets by looking at the McClellan Oscillator and other technical tools. We also delve into to Gartman‘s 22 Rules for Investing