Month: October 2010

Sunday Fun: Sumo Wrestling Now For Women (With Pictures)

Really not much to say here. Really not much. Is this right?

From the NY Times:
OSAKA, Japan ”” For years, promoters of sumo have been pushing for the sport‘s inclusion in the Olympic Games. To get there, the International Sumo Federation has thrown its weight behind a form of the...

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Links and Reading for October 21st

Some of the more interesting and important items for October 21st :

Tab for Fannie, Freddie could soar to $259B –
Fannie, Freddie Cost at Mercy of Economy –
Fed’s Bullard could back easing in $100 billion steps –
Caterpillar beats but sales mix worries investors –
China Pledges Rare-Earth Supply...

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Beige Book – Surprisingly Stable (What Are We To Believe?)

Last month it appeared that Mr. Bernanke was worked up and reaching for the kitchen sink to throw at the economic problems he saw in front of him. Then, the parade of FED speakers were released to show that a series of measures will be taken in order to push...

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