Month: August 2010

Bullet Points – FOMC Minutes (Color Coded)

There was clearly a mix of outlooks from the latest Fed meeting. There were also a few area that are difficult to determine wheter they are good or bad for the markets/investors.

For example, what does it mean that :

Fed Officials Saw Risk August Decision Would Send Wrong Signal

Could we...

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Video: Shiller Sees Double-Dip Likely

In a recent interview for, Shiller is rather downbeat.

According to the interview:

With the U.S. economic recovery losing steam, the chances of a second phase of a slowdown are increasing, according to a leading economist.

Speaking in The Wall Street Journal’s The Big...

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Links and Reading for August 30th

Some of the more interesting and important items for August 30th :

Right Now I’m Having Amnesia And Deja Vu – At The Same Time. –
Intel seeks to close mobile gap with Infineon unit – Closing deals!
Consumer Spending in U.S. Tops Forecast, Incomes Lag – How long can that...

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