Month: July 2010

Links and Reading for July 6th

Some of the more interesting and important items for July 6th :

Risky Design? Oil Wells in the Gulf – Great graphics and info on deepwater
Apple blames iPhone reception woes on indicator – MarketWatch – Is this just hype of actual problem?
Google books $700M buyout of travel software maker...

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TDI Podcast 168: Day Trading and Market Mayhem

Guest: Fausto Pugliese, CyberTrading University discusses the new day-trader. How has this market changed the game and what are the right moves for today. We also answer a bunch of listener questions and talk about markets and the outlook.


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NFP Preview – Handicapping Friday’s Jobs Report

There are estimates ranging from NFP Summary:   -250k on the low end, to 50k on the high end for Friday’s release of the NFP number.

One of the wild-cards that is being considered this time around is the government census hiring and...

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The Thursday Economic Horror Show

Let’s get right down to the business of looking at what happened in the world of economics today, shall we? Of course it is not a pretty sight that we are seeing as virtually all of the indicators came back looking worse than expected and some were down right ugly.


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TDI Podcast 167: IBD’s Kate Stalter – A Winning Investment Plan

Guest: Kate Stalter, Investors Business Daily. We discuss market trends and how to identify winning chart patterns.We also discuss the unique features with IBD and how to use the screening and chart system to improve your results. We go over some basic points like: What is IBD investing...

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