Month: June 2010

Links and Reading for June 25th

Some of the more interesting and important items for June 25th :

BP shares hit 14-year-low; shares down over $100B (AP) – Nasty situation. Should teach all companies a lesson
Newsweek: Single-sex classrooms the answer? – Come on. Really?
BP says it has spent $2 billion so far on oil spill...

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World Index Reversals – View Trends Differently

Click below to see the market reversals in a different way than you normally would. It is a tracking two different time periods along different axis.

Notice the recent move higher for Europe over the past few weeks. Not what you would have thought with all of the turmoil in that...

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DHUnplugged #70 – The China Syndrome

Here is our latest conversation . new insights for anyone who invests in anything.

This week we highlight a discussion about specific stocks to examine.

NEW! NEW! We are now tracking the idea stocks that Andrew and Jon highlight in each episode. Here is the link

Listen to reasons why and...

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TDI Podcast 166: The Kirk Report – Screening and Trading Ideas

Guest: Charles Kirk, The Kirk Report discusses some of the ways he chooses stocks, his outlook on the markets and his overall techniques. We cover a lot of ground in this podcast along with the comments on gold and the stellar rise of the shiny metal. Apple (AAPL) is driving...

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Australia’s Rudd Ousted – What Does this Mean For Mining Stocks?

Well, they did it! Thursday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was ousted and replaced by Julia Gillard in Australia. She began her job as Australia‘s first female prime minister by promising to smooth relations with mining, its biggest industry. That should have pushed up some of the mining stocks that...

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