Month: November 2009

Voting is Open for A Few More Days…

The 5th Annual Podcast Awards are now in the voting stage. Amazingly, you have helped to put all 3 of my podcasts in the running for an award. Now comes the part where you can vote for your favorite show and I hope that you will choose The Disciplined Investor...

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3 Housing Charts – Less Bad of Course

We are seeing a few numbers that are “headlining” well. For example, the Case-Schiller reported a 9.36% year-over-year decline. But, the declines are on top of declines that were already have seen. Of course we all knew there would be a time that show a slow-down of rapid...

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DHUnplugged 40: Will the USA Become Like Japan? Stagnant?

Here is our latest conversation. new insights for anyone who invests in anything. This week we highlight a discussion about specific stocks to examine. Plus: A look at some unpleasant trends.

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4 Economic Charts: Mixed Bag

Yesterday’s economic reports brought a mixed bag of results. Personal consumption was better, but the core PCE continued to slide. GDP was revised downward for last quarter and reports are showing that most of the increase that we saw was due to government stimulus. Then there was the...

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Fed Minutes: Appease the Chinese (aka Kissing A**)

Today the Federal Reserve released its minutes that sent some mixed messages about the economy and the U.S. dollar. As we are all aware, the “official” policy is for a strong-dollar as per Treasury Secratary Geithner. Of course we also hear how important it is to keep America’s exports competitive...

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