Month: September 2009

Links and Reading for September 25th

Some of the more interesting and important items for September 25th :

Obama: Iran building covert nuclear facility – Now we have some reaql trouble brewing….
Inflation a Risk Without Foreign Debt Buyers: Robertson – Economy – Possible?
Battle over wages brews at Wal-Mart – UNIONS>??>???>>>> &*%!#*%*#)*%!
Existing US...

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A123 (AONE) – Electric Cars: Hype or Hope?

Lithium Ion batteries are the name of the game for A123 (AONE) and the comparisons are now being made to the ethanol hype of years past.

Here is what the CEO had to say on CNBC:


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Links and Reading for September 23rd

Some of the more interesting and important items for September 23rd :

Drugmaker reports shortage of kids’ Tamiflu (AP) –
Housing Crash Will Resume as Seven Million Foreclosures Hit, Amherst Says – That is not supposed to happen
Fed stimulus withdrawal fears hit Wall Street – Fear for fear. Nothing was...

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Microsoft (MSFT) – Secret Tablet Photos Revealed

Microsoft (MSFT) has been doing what it can to finally work on the offensive. Bing search is now   making significant progress against rivals and Windows 7 is getting excellent reviews. There is even talk that the next generation Zune HD will become a serious contender along with the recent...

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Potash (POT) Seeing Unrelenting Price Squeeze

We have been watching as Potash (POT) and other fertilizer suppliers are having a hard time negotiating with some of the world’s most influential customers. The problem started earlier this year when India pressed hard and negotiated a deal way below market for the products. Demand was so low that...

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