Sunday Fun: Forex Trading Video

Last week showed you how to analyze 13 forex cross-rates in less than 11 minutes. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at how this very quick analysis turned out.


Out of all the markets they analyzed in just 11 minutes, only five were in tune with our trade “Triangle Technology.” What this means is that both our daily and weekly “Trade Triangles” were in alignment indicating the direction for that particular cross. looked at the following cross rates on June 18th, 2010. The first number you see below is what that cross rate was trading at when we made the video last week:

USD/CAD was trading at 11335. Trade Triangles said to be long USD short CAD
Now trading at 11490, that‘s a profit of 155 pips.

USD/NZD was trading at 5642. Trade Triangles said to be short USD long NZD
Now trading at 5533 this is a profit of 109 pips.

CAD/CHF was trading at 9578. Trade Triangles said to be short CAD long CHF
Now trading at 9531 this is a profit of 47 pips.

USD/CHF was trading at 10869. Trade Triangles said to be short USD long CHF
Now trading at 10952 for a loss of 83 pips.

Dollar Index play from 8034 when I made the video and is currently trading at 8023 for a gain of 11 pips.

Out of the five markets that showed the correct “Trade Triangle” configuration, 4 are profitable and 1 was showing a loss as of this writing.

Total Gain: 322 pips
Total Loss: 83 pips

Total Net: 239 pips

5 trades, 4 wins, 1 loss
80% win/loss ratio

3.87 pips gained for every pip lost

Now remember, we did this in just 11 minutes and we analyzed 13 cross rates. Now I‘m not saying that it will always be like this and that you will always have this percentage of winners, but the reality is, if you trade using our “Trade Triangle” technology, are disciplined, diversified and follow the program you will be a winner over time.

Lastly, all the forex quotes and “Trade Triangle” alerts for forex symbols and precious metals at MarketClub are realtime as mentioned in

Now you know how to analyze the Forex markets super fast and come out a winner.