Month: May 2009

Government Motors vs. Ford

With General Motors (GM) trading at approximately $1 it is more apparent that a restructuring deal is necessary and imminent.   There are currently two parties involved in the negotiations with the U.S. Government / UAW Retired Workers on one side and individual / institutional investors on the other.  ...

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Detailed S&P 500 Sector Performance

This may come in handy if you are a contestant on Let’s Make a deal. You never know what they may be looking for in your purse….

Take it away Monty!

SP Sector Performance 05152009
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Gold: D-Wave looks like it could rally

The Gold Index (shown here as the Gold ETF) (GLD) is shown with a technical indicator similar to an Elliot Wave count. This seems to imply that gold is due for a significant move higher and that can be backed up by our daily movement closer to the dreaded inflation...

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China Quandry – Can you explain this?

It seems that there is more than one cliff when it comes to the global economies these days. Green Shoots are turning to Green Ooze right before our eyes. Yet, no matter what the news, stock markets seem to like that there is…well news, I suppose.

Here is an sample of...

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Barney Frank to Regulate YOUR Pay!

The U.S. Government is considering taking an active role in setting both financial and non financial companies executive pay. Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman for the Financial Services Committee stated, “the federal government should play a role in setting executive-pay rules for public companies to reduce incentives that lead to excessive...

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