Month: May 2009

Report: The Changing Face of Home Ownership

We have been looking into the changing demographics of homeowners and considering if that holds and significance. The excerpt and report is below….

Why do we feel so compelled to own a home?

There is a massive and continuing problem within the real estate sector. That is nothing new to many....

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Charts: China Metal Imports Impressive

Take a look at the massive increase in China’s metal imports. In particular, the aluminum and alloy levels for 2009 are showing a spike that is helping many emerging market exports.

Peru, the number one performing stock market for 2009 (80% gain YTD) is getting a good amount of orders as...

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HP’s Earnings Released at 3:22pm (OOPS!)

Here is something to consider. Did you notice that yesterday there was a sudden shift in market sentiment around 3:30PM?

We think we may have found what may have caused it. It looks like there may have been a premature release of the earnings for Hewlett Packard (HPQ) that appeared on...

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This is what inflation looks like….

I thought it would be interesting to post some of the recent levels on items that could be the industrial indication that inflation continues its slow but persistent creep onward. Yes, I know that Mr. Bernanke has scoffed at the idea, but Mr. Taylor is starting to believe that the...

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Sunday Fun: The Most Amazing Site

A friend sent me a link to this site recently. I was blown away at the vast amount of information available here. I am not even sure all of the things that it can do. (I have been lost in it for two days now..)

Tell me you are not impressed….




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