Month: November 2007

Interview with JR Snider – WSJS 1200 AM Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by JR Snider, host of a terrific morning show in North Carolina on WSJS 1200. He asked some excellent questions regarding my book, The Disciplined Investor.

Listen here to a replay of the interview: (3:48)

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Screen: Dogs of the Dow – 2008 Preview

Each year, the Dogs-of-the-Dow are recalculated in January to find the 10 DJIA members with the highest dividend yield. This year there have been few changes to the names that look to be included in this strategy for 2008. Some of the reason is because of the problems that occurred...

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R U the Next Peter Lynch? (Contest – Finals)

The winners of the weekly contest were reviewed and the overall winner for the contest with the most votes was was Week #3, entry #2. GM from Bayfield, WI. Congratulations!

We will dream up some other plan to get you involved in a contest or game. Stay tuned!

If you were a...

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Interview Biz Radio – 1320 AM

This Monday evening, I was interviewed on BizRadio Houston, 1320 AM. We discussed trading and markets. Behavioral finance and day-trading. My good friend Fausto is now a radio talk show host. He does a great job!

Listen to the Interview:

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TDI Podcast 34: The Fed Chairman is a Wuss!

Guests: Jim Jubak, Microsoft Money and Sean Aiken,

According to Mr. Jubak: “The Fed Chairman is a Wuss!”

Jubak takes us through his rationale as to why the Fed is weak and what needs to be done. Also he discusses the problems with the fixed income markets and the rating agencies....

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