Month: November 2007

SAPI Slugs 2008 – Quant Screen Results

S&P Index Slugs (SAPI Slugs) Adapted from Pages 44-45 of The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success

According to MSN Money, this simple but effective value search presents a pure yield play. It is similar but potentially superior to the better-known “Dogs of the Dow” search we reviewed on...

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TDI Podcast 36: Rags to Riches

Guest: Timothy Sykes – Author of An American Hedge Fund

Early in the week, Andrew forecasts that we were due for a swift change and now the capitulation is at hand! Once we saw the consumer step in during Black Friday and the Cyber-Retail follow up, it was clear that the...

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Frolicking at Hell’s Gate – Mortgage Mayhem

The only thing worse than running out of Turkey on Thanksgiving is talk about cutting dividends on stocks. This is nothing to take lightly. It ranks up there with yelling fire in a theatre and is almost as bad as telling investors that they cannot withdraw money from their accounts....

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TDI Podcast 35: A Rant and a Retail Rundown

Panel-Kristin Bentz of and Evan Schuman of on Retail Stocks.

Andrew goes on a RANT about the mess with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This mortgage fiasco is bringing out a bit of steam from his ears. What happened with the Analysts? Why have they not watched our backs?...

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52,000,000,000 – That’s a lot of Chickens!

There are how many people in China? Current estimate put that somewhat incomprehensible total at 1,321,851,888. What has always haunted me is the thought of pork and fowl. Here my dilemma: With that many people, you would assuredly agree that they are eating daily. (for the most part). It is...

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