Month: July 2007 is Ripe

As Charles Dickens said: “Ain’t I volatile?”. (REDF) has been as moving with a vengeance over the past few weeks. Starting from an amazing earnings report in May, and then following the usual course of buyout and merger rumors, it has moved from a consolidation range ($16-19)...

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How to Value a Stock – Price Targets 101

From Chapter 3 – The Disciplined Investor (pre-order now)

Price Targets

Possibly the most overlooked aspect of fundamental analysis is the setting of appropriate price targets for both purchases and sales. As a disciplined investor, you can appreciate the importance of guidelines inside your investment plan to reduce risk. This will help...

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TDI Podcast 18: Live from Copenhagen

Review of the latest European trends, the electronics scene and retail. Do they still like American products in Europe??? YES SIR!

CROC’s (CROX) are being copied left and right – and can be had for 1/3 the price. Nokia (NOK) is everywhere in this region, no Apples (AAPL) in Russia...

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Apple: Here is what comes next for the stock

Well, Apple (AAPL) did it. They managed to create hype of epic proportions with the new iPhone. It is almost unbelievable that they were able to hypnotize people into waiting in line for a product that was unproven which admittedly has less functionality than many of its competitors.

In the...

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Apple Options idea after iPhone Launch

Options are a great way to control a large number of shares of a stock for little money. There is also a great deal of risk in buying put options, as there is time limit. In other words, they eventually expire and if you are not able to meet the...

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