Month: May 2007

No Stoping Gamestop

Gamestop (GME) has a simple model: Sell new video games and then eventually buy them back from people who have become bored with them. The real power is in the second part of the strategy. GME buys a used game for, about $5-$10 and resell it for $20-$30. The people...

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Scratching Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft has been working on a new interactive system that will help to revolutionize and bring a more intuitive interface to computing. The first look that we had was from the mind of Steven Spielberg who directed the Movie Minority report. In that movie Tom Cruise was using a multi-touch...

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Guitar Center in Play

We have rumors flying around like mosquitoes in the everglades. It is Tuesday and speculation is high about the potential takeover or merger or acquisition or stock buyback or CEO change or whatever can fill the heads of the idea generators. The latest is that Guitar Center is possibly...

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Mutual Fund Deregulation – No way!

On May 27, 2007 – Chuck Jaffee of Marketwatch writes about a book that proposes changes for the Mutual Fund Industry. He comments, “The mutual fund business is the proverbial camel, the one that was supposed to be a horse until it was built by committee. It is filled with...

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The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 11

The TOP 10 MISTAKES of investing. Avoid them as all cost. Solid advice to help you invest more successfully.

The TOP 10 MISTAKES made when investing is a key part of the investing process. Avoid the at all cost. We count down the most common areas that cause you to lose...

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