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TDI Podcast – Ross Cameron The Trading Warrior (#518)

Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading is our guest today – we discuss daytrading as a way to enhance profits. Ross gives us ideas on how to find setups and what to look for in a successful trading idea. Entries, exits, indicators and charts discussed.

Plus, in this episode we take a...

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TDI Podcast 219: O’Neil Shows Us The Way In and Out….

Guest: Scott O’Neill shares some sagely market wisdom with us. What to do with the current market signals and how to interpret key indicators of the next market move. The Greece situation is all over.. Aren’t we happy? Like nothing ever happened…. Now that this inning has come to an...

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TDI Podcast 168: Day Trading and Market Mayhem

Guest: Fausto Pugliese, CyberTrading University discusses the new day-trader. How has this market changed the game and what are the right moves for today. We also answer a bunch of listener questions and talk about markets and the outlook.


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Free CyberTrading Expo: Live With Andrew (Last Chance)

Cyber Trading University
CyberExpo on November 17, 2009 starting at 10:00AM EST

Featured Instructors:

Thomas Busby of DTI Trader – Futures Course at 10:00AM
David Derricott of MetaStock – RMO Trading System at 12:00PM
Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor – Investing Course at 1:30PM Read More

unNatural Gas ETF – (UNG) is This for Real?

The chart below sure tells us what is happening with (UNG) – the biggest natural gas related ETF available. Look at the differential between the Natural Gas pricing (futures) and the ETF (UNG). We have written about this before HERE.

The problem is that there is an usually high level of...

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TDI Podcast 114: Massive Profits – Cash for Clunkers?

Guest: Fausto Pugliese on Day Trading. We talk about how to beat the market makers at their own game and the art of making a day’s pay. Also, how do we profit from “Cash for Clunkers?” The idea is explored, companies revealed and profit opportunities uncovered.

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AFLAC (AFL) – Scalping the Duck

This is a sample of the posts that we provide to our clients invested in The Disciplined Investor Managed Growth Strategy.
(If you would like a 10-day test drive of the private blog/site, email Laura and she will activate your trial)

That was a nice (and quick) profit!

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Strategy Lab: UPDATE – Horowitz Up 13.5%

This week’s summary from MSN Strategy Lab:

Banks are still in big trouble, the job market is worsening and Wall Street is a minefield for investors. Yet one of our players has managed a double-digit gain since August.

Disciplined Investor Andrew Horowitz, meanwhile, went even further on the frustration scale in his...

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