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QE3 = Market Overheated Alert (Key Reversal Indicator)

Yes, there is no risk in the world anymore as the powers that be have put a cushion underneath any fall. However, there is something called technicals and valuation that are also important to consider.

Below is a view of the new product line up for the TriggerPoint Research – Model...

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Back to Spearman and The Bloomberg Trend/Stall Indicator (Heads Up!)

The Spearman Indicator is like the “boy crying wolf” lately. But let’s not get too comfortable/complacent.

We need to put into the proper perspective the level and the direction to see what we can determine from the signal. As we have discussed previously, the rolling-up or -over of the indicator, above/below...

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Volatility Index: Has Fear Subsided or Just Seasonality

Levels of the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) have been steadily creeping lower.   Fear in our minds has certainly not subsided, despite the “Bazooka” introduced by Europe and the not so steady rise in equity prices.   We haven‘t seen these levels of VIX (i.e. Sub 21) since July of...

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Spearman Indicator Update: Nosebleed Territory

We have dusted off and brought out the Spearman Indicator a few times in the past. In particular, we are most interested in the time that the readings are getting extreme in either direction. Our last update, was on 11/25/2011 and it was just before the turning point. At that...

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Spearman Indicator – Flashing a Sell Signal

One of the newer oscillators on the Bloomberg platform, the Spearman Indicator has done a fairly good job at showing potential points to buy or sell. Here we are looking at the S&P 500 index. The chart below shows that the indicator has flashed a sell signal recently and it...

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Fed’s Fisher Aborts Trend Day Down

Thursday, had all the makings of good day as we saw several positive signs from the markets.   Corporate earnings were coming in better than expectations across the board from the likes of Lubrizol (LZ), Potash (POT) and on the whole numbers and guidance in Europe were...

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TDI Podcast 161: Tom McClellan – Timing Signals Converging

Guest: Tom McClellan on important markets and indicators. Tom is looking at an interesting convergence of a few important moving averages and sees a “rainbow convergence” in some of his predictions. We also take the opportunity to discuss the outlook for European markets and how this could play out. Kevin...

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StockCharts: Chart Watcher Says SPY Stalls at Channel Trendline

This is from Arthur Hill over at StockCharts.com. A good look at RSI and channel trend…
The S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQQ) are trading near the upper trendline of a rising price channel that extends back to August. I drew the lower trendlines first, created a...

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Fibonacci Retracement Levels For U.S. Markets

Corey, over at Afraid to Trade a a good set of charts that helped show the exact Fibonacci levels for a fe of the dominant U.S. markets as well as some further explanations.

He mentions that:
Traders and investors monitor Fibonacci Retracement Levels for the following reasons:

* to take profits once...

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