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Spread Arbitrage: Chipotle Mexican Grill

On the heels of a few trading publications we saw the opportunity to take advantage of the spread differential between the Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) B Shares and the Chipotle Mexican Grill A shares. The A & B shares are fairly identical with the B shares carrying more voting...

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3 Ways to Make Money in a Downturn

Here is some of the ideas that I discussed in a recent video series for MSN Money. Also, Friday is the last chance to download my book for FREE!

The link to the FREE download is HERE

I’ve always thought that investors can find a way to make money even...

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Cage Match: The President vs. The CEOs

From my latest MSN Strategy Lab Journal:

Market manipulators  won’t go down without a fight against President Obama’s reform plans for Wall Street.

It appears that we could be heading for a showdown. In one corner: the Masters of Disasters, the Thrashers of Crashers, a.k.a. the Lending Loonies (theatrical pause) . ....

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Strategy Lab: UPDATE – Horowitz Up 13.5%

This week’s summary from MSN Strategy Lab:

Banks are still in big trouble, the job market is worsening and Wall Street is a minefield for investors. Yet one of our players has managed a double-digit gain since August.

Disciplined Investor Andrew Horowitz, meanwhile, went even further on the frustration scale in his...

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Strategy Lab: Why invest in this market anyway?

Over the past few months, there have been many voices shouting out about the need for investors to get into the market, as pricing is now considered “cheap.” Warren Buffett spoke up about it in October — Berkshire Hathaway   is down 10% more in 2009 — as did a...

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Strategy Lab: The Impact on the Market from Option’s Expiration

(From my latest journal entry for the MSN Strategy Lab. Take a look on the left at the current standings)

In this volatile market, contracts on options have become increasingly more expensive. This is because the main pricing components of options are: expected rate of return,...

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Strategy Lab: Make Wild Market Moves Your Friends

2009 is here! Now what?

Though volatility has dropped from the peak in November, the daily ups and downs have still often been much bigger than normal. Assuming that there ever was actually a “normal.”

And the final hour of many trading days have shown remarkable swings that have been responsible for...

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Strategy Lab: MEATHEAD! – Archie Bunker Portfolio

ARCHIE Bunker Proof Your Portfolio A How-To primer on portfolio protection

(Read to the tune of All in the Family theme song)

Is it time for canned goods, water collection and preparing the bunker for the next leg of a financial meltdown? Perhaps, but smart investors know that whatever market conditions...

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Strategy Lab: Tough to Hit a Volatile Market (up 14%)

If you have been following our progress, you will know that, over the past few weeks, there have been many positions that we added and subsequently exited as our plan for buying and selling amid the volatility has worked out well. Of the dozen or so positions that initially had...

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3 Reasons to Stay in this Market ???

It is as good as any headline looking to catch the attention of anyone who is grasping for reasons to stick to a plan that caused major financial (and psychological) pain over the past 12-months. The concept of Buy-and-Hold, the brainchild of Warren Buffett, has been bastardized by the asset...

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Strategy Lab: Don’t Buy and Hold a Bad Strategy

For many people, this has been one of the most difficult times of their lives. Both in the U.S. and abroad, people are living under a cloud of uncertainty about their future financial position. I know this because I have been inundated with e-mail from people asking for help.

People are...

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Strategy Lab: Up 16% helped by “Edge” Strategy

My MSN Strategy Lab portfolio in now up by 16.5% since August 1st. There has been a need to work the edges as the market has been throwing curve balls, sliders and end of day fastballs. Here is my latest journal:

It is really difficult to digest the amount of money...

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