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Yes People: You (We) Are Now Paying More Taxes

Meet the Press had a easy to understand, quick down and dirty look at how much more you (and I) will be now be paying in payroll taxes. The big question is whether or not this is enough to push consumers away from their recent spending levels.

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Fiscal Cliff Sentiment Chart- Interesting…

A interesting chart from Bloomberg that tracks the sentiments of influential government and business leaders about the likelihood of achieving a deal to increase the federal debt ceiling. The monitor scores public comments of administration officials, congressional Democrats and Republicans, and business leaders. Every public comment on the debt ceiling...

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Political Risk – Top 10 Top and Bottom

Political risk evaluates a range of political factors relating to political stability and effectiveness that could affect a country’s ability and/or commitment to service its debt obligations and/or cause turbulence in the foreign-exchange market. This rating informs sovereign, currency and banking sector risks. (as of 11/30/12)

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Senate approves insider-trading bill – MarketWatch

In our recent quarterly Economic Commentary, we made room for a special section to explore the backhanded dealings of Congress when it comes to insider information.

Maybe someone read it in Washington… Probably not, but either way, this is a start and maybe it is the beginning of a new dawn...

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DHUnplugged #121: Incompetence, Stupidity and Waste (Just For Starters)

Here is our latest conversation . new insights for anyone who invests in anything. This week we highlight a discussion John’s take on some all government workers. Also, the recent Dell (DELL) and Google (GOOG) moves are discussed. A smorgasbord of information!

NEW! We are now tracking the idea stocks that...

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Sunday (NOT SO) Fun: The Fictional Jobs Agenda

In the editorial section of IBD this weekend, there was an excellent article that caught my eye. As all of the gamesmanship and immaturity has been focusing on the debt ceiling, the news coverage regarding the poorly execute jobs recovery plan has apparently been shifted – at least temporarily. With...

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Obama’s New Job Initiative: Kill Jobs With Robotics

This has got to be the worst idea ever! How can President Obama believe that spending on robotics for the manufacturing sector can create jobs in the future?

As he discusses in his weekly address, the idea it to streamline to manufacturing process to allow America to get back what we...

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Sunday Fun: Even Nixon Had Better Approval Ratings

When looking at history, there are interesting comparisons to the approval ratings of President Obama and some of the past Presidents. Even Nixon and both of the Bush Presidents had better ratings this time in their tenure.

The interactive application from Gallup is an interesting way to compare President Obama (now...

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