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Was That the Market Bottom?

Over the past several weeks, there has been a growing chorus of negativity coming from all directions. It always concerns me when I hear everyone singing the same tune. For instance, recently investing in gold was said to be the only way to protect your portfolio from this economic calamity....

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Is Buffett Getting Margin Calls?

Perhaps it is nothing more than wild speculation at this point, but rumors are popping up on the street that Warren Buffett may have received margin calls related to derivative/option investments. Yes, these are the same type of investment that Mr. Buffett has termed, “financial weapons of mass destruction.” As...

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Will Google Survive the Downturn?

The earnings stampede continues. Last night, Apple’s (AAPL) news of higher than expected numbers seemed to be a temporary relief to what was gearing up to be an ugly season. Early on in today’s session, Google (GOOG) was riding on the coat tails of the initial market move higher...

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Three Stocks That May Thrive in Hard Times

Layoffs are affecting millions. Stores are closing, municipalities are cutting hours of the paid work week and all around there are signs of concern about the economy. Yet, even with all of that, there are stock and even sectors that will do well. Take the education stocks as a good...

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CitiGroup’s earnings: from Bad to… OH MY!

Citigroup‘s (C) earnings have been downright awful over the past year and today‘s release will be prove to be no exception.   Estimates for this quarter are expected to show a -$1.19 per share loss.   If the earnings from Marshall & Ilsley‘s (MI) report is any indication of the...

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Resolutions for 2009: A Plan for Profit

Resolution time is here and all too often, thoughts turn to ideas about self improvement that usually last for only about 2 weeks or so. Have you ever noticed that the parking lot of your local fitness club is packed the first few weeks of the new year? Then, like...

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New Tax Relief for IRAs – Bad Deal

It looks great at first glance, but looking closer it appears to be too little, much too late.

New legislative action has been enacted that waives the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from IRAs and other types of pension plans for 2009. The idea is to help retirees who have seen their...

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If You Want to Make GOBS of Money – Read This…

I just reviewed Brian Shannon’s new book on MSN TopStocks. It really is a terrific reference to help understand the world of technical analysis, not to mention helping you a better trader.

Equation: Better Trader = Better Profits

Here is what I have to say:

Whether you are looking at technology...

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TDI Episode 87: Markman’s Picks for ’09

GUEST: Jon Markman, MSN Money on the history and the future of our unstable stock markets. From the beginning of this mess, he has been spot on with a big bearish stance and a better understanding of what it meant for the markets. We discuss the Bernie Madoff fiasco, the outlook for the Obama Recovery Plan, along with several ETFs that could benefit.

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Strategy Lab: Don’t Buy and Hold a Bad Strategy

For many people, this has been one of the most difficult times of their lives. Both in the U.S. and abroad, people are living under a cloud of uncertainty about their future financial position. I know this because I have been inundated with e-mail from people asking for help.

People are...

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The Week Ahead: Waiting for more shoes

Upwards of 65% of the S&P 500 companies have reported thus far and we have been continuing to see disappointment after disappointment. It is estimated that profits for the entire index will come in 11.7% lower as compared to last year.

Many of the real problems have yet to be...

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TDI Episode 81: Profiting with the Strategy Lab II

Guests: Strategy Lab Panel discussed with Andrew how they are setting up their portfolio to profit and to protect during this difficult market condition. Out of the 6 players in the 6-month long game, 5 are all substantially ahead of the market. In this episode we will ask each player to explain their strategy and their outlook.

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