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TDI Podcast 136: Zero Hedge – 2010, An Economic Odyssey

Guest: Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge and Andrew converse about the state of the markets and what our Government is doing right and doing wrong (more wrong it seems). Andrew poses many questions about the FHA, Sheila Bair and where the economy is going. We discuss November’s economic numbers and...

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President Obama’s Hat in Hand to China?

President Obama spoke this morning about the relationship of the U.S. and China. Perhaps it was a simple olive branch as we have strained relationships of late. But, China has been flapping their mighty economic wings as they have shown an amazing amount of effort and success with their...

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Audio: Andrew on TheStreet.com’s Real Story

January 7th episode of The Real Story:
Intel Warning, ADP Jobs Data Drub Stocks
Frank Curzio’s guests include Andrew Horowitz on markets and the economy, Stephanie Link on the Obama stimulus plan, and Kristin Bentz on retail sales. Listen

Definitely check out Frank Curzio’s Newsletter: Stocks Under $10

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