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Housing Affordability – Best EVER!

Housing affordability. From the data, homes are more affordable than ever these days. As the cost has come down and incomes remain somewhat stable, the ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) of the Fed is allowing for more people to “enjoy” home ownership.

The chart below provides a glimpse into the historical...

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Housing Recovery or Another 20% DOWN?

This is not encouraging at all. If the housing sector is supposed to lead us out of this mess, then we better start making some alternative plans as Robert Shiller is looking for additional downside to housing prices. And note, these are not insignificant drops that will be quickly reversed.


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The Flawed Housing Bill – How we will pay

Danger Will Robinson. Warning..Warning.Stay off the Road!

Recently, after I reviewed and wrote about the recent passage of the Housing Bill, I began to look at it more closely.   I spoke with a few colleagues to try to understand what seemed to me to be a flawed plan. They agreed...

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Money Girl – Mortgage Short Sales

In this edition of Money Girl, I will be discussing a term that unfortunately, many of us will need to know. mortgage short sales.

Here is the excerpt from the episode…

Having trouble making your mortgage payments or know someone who is? Close to foreclosure but hope to avoid it and...

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Rock Bottom Housing Prices or Simply Math Gone Wild

OK, I have a question… (seriously) The idea that home prices are now at “rock-bottom” prices has been floating around lately. How is the NAHB coming up with their conclusions? In particular, do they include the sales price of short-sales? How about foreclosures?

If so, then is the average price really...

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Double Whammy: Bank-Card Companies are Next

Aside from Visa (V) or Mastercard (MA), it doesn’t seem as if the credit card issuers have been getting the attention they deserve. With all of the panic and concern surrounding the brokers and builders, perhaps plates are too full to take on any more. Yet, I have been...

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