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TDI Podcast: Massive Commodity Inflation, Investing in Gold (#314)

Guests: Ed D’Agostino and Joe Yasinski help us to better understand the process of owning precious metals outright. We find out more about the differences in paper versus physical assets and how to store them. Some of the other important topics in this episode include the massive inflation seen in...

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TDI Podcast: Virtual Guest-O-Rama and Guerrilla Economics (#313)

The Yen is still in focus and we have some great clips this week from a few excellent (virtual) guests that we delve into. An thought provoking   discussion concerning the severity/slope of the Yen drop and how it will have adverse effects on the stability of the Japanese economy,...

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TDI Podcast: Central Banks are Doing What? (#311)

This week we explore a hair raising news story that discusses the new direction of some of the world’s central banks. It is quite disturbing and won’t end well. Earnings and Economics are also topics that we explore as well as how to properly set stops/limits in the current market...

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TDI Podcast: Earnings Season Gameplan and EuroZone Exposed (#307)

The Euro leaders are clearly reaching a Pinocchio moment and we discuss what to watch for and observe before a full scale bank run occurs. Also, a game plan for earnings season that is about to begin is discussed and how to prepare your portfolio and trading.

Should Frank Curzio do...

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TDI Podcast: Das is Back and Really On His Game (Episode #304)

Guests:   Satyajiy Das is back by popular demand. We get more emails from listeners requesting Das than you can believe. Maybe it is his factual accounts of what is really going on behind the scenes in Europe that has us all listening to his advice. On this episode, we...

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