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The Great Fracking Boom – READ THIS

The fracking boom is helping to make the U.S. have a reduced dependence on energy from outside our borders. This piece from Bloomberg was a great overview and too good not to pass on to you,

On this week’s TDI Podcast, Frank Curzio and I spoke about the great benefits...

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China: Giving a Hoot, Not to Pollute? (Cool Graphics)

China is part of the global Co2 emissions problem. So is the U.S and if you ask Al Gore, so are humans for breathing. (Well excuse me for breathing, Al!)

Today, there are a few companies that are involved with the clean up of the “dirty fuels,” but none that are...

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Retail Sales – (Sneak Peek at our Client-Only Comments)

As investment advisers and money managers, we obviously run money on behalf of clients. One of the most important aspects of what we do is not only look to make profits and protect downside risk, but to also provide transparency. In order to do this, we have a “Client-only” site...

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Oil And Gas Inventories Rise: Traders Buy Oil Anyway

DOE Oil and gas inventories were released this morning. A much greater than expected build in gas and oil sent the price of oil down, initially. Again, there is thought that the cold weather will push up the price of crude and that there is a greater demand that may...

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Consol Energy (CNX) – Buy Signals and China Connection

We have liked Consol Energy (CNX) as a trading position for some time. Sure there are problems related to Cap-n-Trade as well as the relationship of energy to the dollar. But, the company has standout fundamentals as well as the potential to sell a great deal of product to China.


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A123 (AONE) – Electric Cars: Hype or Hope?

Lithium Ion batteries are the name of the game for A123 (AONE) and the comparisons are now being made to the ethanol hype of years past.

Here is what the CEO had to say on CNBC:

Visit msnbc.com...

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Skyhigh Oil: We have been Screwed !

I have written on this topic several times before, but I would like you to take extra care and really absorb this today as I can’t help to feel that between the energy fiasco and Fannie/Freddie, we have been screwed. Later this week we will find out just how bad...

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TDI Podcast 72: The Oil Bluff That Backfired

Guest: Chris Jolley, MSN Money tells us about the next generation of the the Microsoft Money product and Andrew explains how the "oil bluff" was just called. It took a hurricane to flush it out and now sub-$100 is looking like a real possibility. What we really want to know is the best way to profit from it... Listen in!

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Natural Gas: Oversold and we are buying

* Recently, we bought U.S. Natural Gas Fund (UNG) for The Disciplined Investor Managed Growth Strategy portfolios…

Below is an interesting graphic that shows the effect on energy commodities by the legislation that closed the Enron Loophole. Even though there has been a great deal of discussion concerning the supply and...

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