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How To Find Holes, Fast Zone and Consolidation Pattern

This is a replay of the June 18th, 2014 TriggerCharts webinar. In this video, we look at how Radar can provide a transparent view of price pattern to find holes, fast zones and consolidations. We also go over some of the key features and configurations.

The TriggerCharts...

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The Winning Investor: The VIX Explained

What is the VIX anyway?

In this episode, we discuss the basics and what it can be used for. The VIX provides an interesting read on the markets.

We answer this question on the latest episode of The Winning Investor Podcast – Check it out all...

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Some Stock Screeners – Good Info

There are many screeners out there, but you need to make sure that the data behind the system is clean. Also, as many online sites have discontinued their screening tools, what is left?

Here are two that you may like. (We love the Finviz screener)

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