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TDI Podcast 78: Barry’s Big Picture

Guest: Barry Ritholtz, CEO of FusionIQ and founder of the popular blog, The Big Picture. We discuss Cramer's Monday sell-everything call along with market sentiment and the reasons it may be a good time to start thinking about the long side. Barry has held a bearish sentiment for some time and it looks as though he may be slowly coming out of his hibernation.

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Name that Picture: GoogleVomit?

I received a few emails from irate readers who told me that SOLD out of Google (GOOG) before the earnings release because Louis Navellier’s newsletter suggested there could be problems. Also, I read a few more about Cramer’s comments that told his audience to hold off until...

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Cramer Video – A Bull AND a Bear

I have been just tickled with the Santelli, Ip and Cramer funnies. This video has been circling around and is just a hoot!

Rick Santelli is the smart one and a big round of applause to him for not bowing to the cackles of the street. Keep up the good work...

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