Month: July 2016

TDI Podcast: Tips From The Teen Traders (#470)

Teen Traders, Getty Hill and Tristen Najarian tell us how they see the markets – from a teenager’s perspective. We discuss the ways they decided to get more involved with markets and how they research. They also provide us a few of their favorite stock picks as well.

In this episode,...

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DHUnplugged #322: Earnings Deluge

Investors are waiting for the Fed to help prop up markets as over 200 companies are scheduled to report earnings this week.

While 68% of companies are beating earnings, not so much discussion about the currency tailwind they are seeing. What happened to transparency?

The RNC and DNC have some great scandals...

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TDI Podcast: The Behavioral Doc Is Da House (#469)

Dr. Daniel Crosby helps us understand several types of risk and how it impacts our trading and investment outcomes. From ego risk to confirmation bias, we look into what make traders/investors tick and how they can better understand ways to make better decisions.

In this episode Andrew looks at some of...

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DHUnplugged #321: Energizer Bunny Markets

Markets acting like the Energizer Bunny – Keeps going an going and going… Seems that world events, economic headwinds and even coup attempts are not enough to dissuade investors from throwing their money into stocks.

Earnings season is well underway with hundreds of companies reporting over the next couple of...

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TDI Podcast: Me And Mar Kets (#468)

Finally back from a wild trip to Myanmar and Thailand. What an amazing adventure that provides a good deal of perspective for those of us that live in homes with constant and reliable heating, electricity and running water.

Earnings season is under way and we have some of the top name...

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