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The Disciplined Investor’s Best of List: 2013

During last weeks podcast we discussed some of the “Best Of” various different financial tools and applications that we thought our listeners might want to check out.   Below is the list along with the links to the sites.

Best Broker / Platform

Tradestation – Brokerage and Trading Platform offering customization and...

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Key Reversal Indicator (KRI) – Flashing A Warning

We have seen a good amount of market conditions that exhibit similar trends as we have seen over the past few days. Once the Key Reversal Indicator moves above these levels, it is often a time for a quick reversal. While the reversal does not mean a crash, it does...

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TVIX Update and a Trading Idea

So, we saw that there was a very sharp downturn(50%+) over the past few days as UBS is allowing for share creation (See more detail HERE)

The indicative NAV was way below and as of the close yesterday, there needed to be another 30% drop in order to get the price...

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TweetWeek – TriggerPoint Alerts Summary (Big Movers)

As we have been mentioning, TweetWeek is in full gear. We have been putting up a peak into our soon to be launched TriggerPoint Research Alert program. If you have not yet started following – here is the link for @TriggerTrading

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This is out “lite” version...

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TDIMG Inside Edition – 9/7/2011: Sharks Circling Greece (Default Imminent)

During the month of September, we are going to be adding a special section to this site.

The TDI Managed Growth Strategy provides a private “client-only” blog where we discuss the day and our general outlook. Areas that we cover range from current holdings analysis, economic reports, political commentary and more.


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S&P 500 – Short Interest Update (aka – Where Are The Bears?)

Let’s face it. With the Fed watching every move of the markets and everyone wondering how much additional stimulus/money/QE will come, the bears are not too interested in fighting the Fed.

For confirmation, the short interest ratio for the S&P 500 index is sitting at a point that does not show...

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A Change in Trend – S&P 500 Levels to Watch

The S&P 500 looks to be finally breaking down below key support levels. Yes, this has been on the verge of occurring for some time, but now closing this far below the 50-day MA will be an awakening to the bear camp.

The chart below provides a clean look...

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Chart: Clearly Showing the S&P Resistance Level

Whether or not you think that it is Voodoo or just some lines drawn randomly on a chart, there is a good deal of respect for support and resistance points. Fibonacci retracement levels produces some very important points to consider as these are watched closely by traders.

Notice that today the...

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