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TDI Podcast: You’re Soaking in it – with Kate Stalter (#496)

Guest, Kate Stalter and Andrew discuss behavioral finance and some of the ways that investors sabotage themselves. Kate provides a holistic approach to the world of investing while specializing in pre-retirement planning all in an effort to impart better money decisions.

In this episode, there is also...

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About Those Uranium Stocks…

Since the election, Uranium has been showing some signs of a resurgence. Ever since comments were made about the need for the U.S. to build up nuclear weapons to guard against potential threats, there has been interest once again in the commodity as well as the companies that mine, refine...

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Are Valuations Flashing A Warning Signal?

The end of the year is finally here and what a wild year it was. Starting off with a significant swoon at the beginning, 2016 ended with a massive post-election rally. The Fed was accomodative throughout and only raised rates once, even though they had projected four hikes.

Disregarding all of...

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TDI Podcast: A Frank Look at Curzio Research (#476)

Guest, Frank Curzio and Andrew discuss some of the speakers and topics from the recent Delivering Alpha conference. Frank literary had front row seats and gathered some great information that he shares.

We also talk about the recent Apple (AAPL) meeting and release of new hardware, markets,...

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TDI Podcast: High Probability Trading with Carley Garner (#474)

Carley Garner is our guest as we delve into the topic of futures and commodities. Carley helps us better understand some of the basic and more advance features of trading oil, grains and equity futures. In addition, we look at what beginners need to know about trading this volatile area...

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TDI Podcast: World of MoneyCraft with David Ackerman (#472)

Guest: David Ackerman gives us some important insight into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.   With all of the recent news regarding hacks of the system, is this a viable currency (now and in the future)?

Not much in the way of economics this week, however coming up this Friday...

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TDI Podcast: Tips From The Teen Traders (#470)

Teen Traders, Getty Hill and Tristen Najarian tell us how they see the markets – from a teenager’s perspective. We discuss the ways they decided to get more involved with markets and how they research. They also provide us a few of their favorite stock picks as well.

In this episode,...

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TDI Podcast: What the Heck and Are You Kidding? (#363)

ARE YOUR KIDDING? We look at the ridiculous turn that Jim Cramer has with regard to Alibaba as well as some of the recent moves in the markets. Stocks to buy and stocks to sell are discussed and much more..

Some of the more interesting topics in the news are also...

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What Do You Get When You Add These Up?

If you added up the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of the following countries, what do you get?

Saint Lucia
Central African Republic

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(in $ billions)

Aruba – $2.51
Belize – $1.44
Greenland – $2.43
Saint Lucia – $1.25 Read More

A Few Market Timing Indicators We Are Working On

With a choppy market environment, it is easy (too easy) to get whipsawed if you are trading with a short-term time-frame. By short we are talking about daily swings rather than intra-day. By combining a formula that includes items such as the Spearman Indicator, advancing and declining issues and  ...

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Smoke Screen: Lehman Preferred Offering

After hours, shares of Lehman (LEH) took a nosedive, down another 7% to $34.80 before recovering toward $36.60 by the end of trading.

Why? At exactly 4:39pm, Lehman announced a share offering to help them with a much needed capital infusion. Moreover, it is very troubling that on a daily basis,...

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Motorola: Secret Meeting Transcript

It is amazing that shareholders put up with this horrific decision making. Instead of the company splitting into two, how about a brand new board of directors along with a new management team. True to the old adage: An new broom sweeps clean…

I wonder if this is what happens behind...

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