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Tim Sykes on Wallstrip

It seems it is the weekend of videos on TDI.

My good friend Tim Sykes was recently interviewed on Wallstrip. You are either going to love him or hate him I suppose. He has an irreverent style that has turned thousands of investors into fans of his website/blog. Tim is a...

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Our One Week Employee – Introduction

We have a new employee – but, he‘s only staying one week!

After graduating from college in 2005 with a Business degree, Sean Aiken made a promise to himself that he would not settle for a career that he was not truly passionate about. Not realizing what this type of career...

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The Disciplined Investor – In Stock and Shipping

It is finally here! The book looks great and is now available at a few select bookstores (Amazon, Borders..) as well as THE DISCIPLINED INVESTORE. As this is a very exciting time, I hope that you will help to spread the word by letting your friends and colleagues know about it.

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Meet Andrew

A new section has been added to the site. As the book launch is getting closer and closer, there will be opportunities to attend workshops and conferences that Andrew is attending.

We will add to the page as new events are confirmed. The first added is the WealthEXPO in New York...

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Update – Don’t get caught with your Crocs Down

There is a clear disconnect here. Maybe it is the fact that feet are the furthest part of the body from the brain. While they are comfortable, that is not the reason to buy the stock. If it was, why not load up on Levitz Furniture, they make some of the most comfortable furniture. (Wait, aren't they out of business?)

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TDI Podcast 18: Live from Copenhagen

Review of the latest European trends, the electronics scene and retail. Do they still like American products in Europe??? YES SIR!

CROC’s (CROX) are being copied left and right – and can be had for 1/3 the price. Nokia (NOK) is everywhere in this region, no Apples (AAPL) in Russia...

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TDI Podcast 17: From Seat 3A

From Seat 3A on the way to Russia. Review of CROX trade (OH YEAH), an idea for profiting from Apple iPhone. Blackrock IPO went south, no kidding..was only setup to benefit the insiders anyway. We discuss the opportunities in Northern Europe. Chatting from 35,000 above the Atlantic.

Book Pre-orders are...

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To Russia with My Love

Each summer, Jill (my wonderful wife) and I send the kids off to camp and the house becomes relatively quiet except for the echoes of keyboards clicking and questions concerning dining choices. We have a wonderful time getting to know each other again as we have time to be with...

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The Rental Car Gas Game

There I was, once again moving towards the counter, readying to get beat by those smart people who silently laugh at me as I ask seemingly stupid questions. It is clear that they know what I am going to ask even before I ask. I am convinced that they know just how to answer me in order to confuse me even more. It is their job and they are damned good at it! You now who they are... I am talking about the highly trained and very sly counter clerks of the "evil" Rental Car Companies. Let me ask thi

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