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TDI Podcast: A Game Plan for a Market Crisis (#438)

With the markets melting down at the end of last week, the potential for further fallout needs to be considered. Even more concerning is how markets will react to the the recent terrorist activity in France.

In this episode we prepare for the worst and discuss hedging strategies that are easy...

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TDI Podcast 97: The Option Expiration Double Flip

Guests: Frank Curzio, TheStreet.com and David Gaffen, Wall Street Journal discuss the markets, banks and how to prosper and protect. We also review how we made a quick switch from our hedged position of double inverse ETFs to double longs and initiated a position in the financial sector – BEFORE...

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3 Ways to Make Money in a Downturn

Here is some of the ideas that I discussed in a recent video series for MSN Money. Also, Friday is the last chance to download my book for FREE!

The link to the FREE download is HERE

I’ve always thought that investors can find a way to make money even...

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TDI Episode 62: Bye Bye Mr. American Lie

Guest: Zach Scheidt, Hedge Fund Manager. We discuss the IPO market and Andrew is back on his soapbox on the Lehman letter saying that a big part of the problem is the lies and PR spin by the financials. We answer some listener questions and get into a few hedging ideas with the use of ETFs. We even dare discuss the idea of shorting the DJ Oil Index!

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