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Sunday Fun: The Bailout Game (Interactive)

You are responsible for saving the U.S. economy and in effect the World. Move around, find the financial problems lurking around every corner and see how good you are with solving the problems.

If you get stuck you can always “Ask a Greenspan” and garner   a throw-money-at-it-solution.

Click below and meet...

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Sunday Fun: Where is Dick Cheney?

Is it me or has our Vice President been conspicuously absent from anything related to this election? Now that I think about it, what has he been doing lately?

WAIT! I think we may have found him. There are 4 Dicks in the image below….can you find them?

If you are interested,...

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Bruce Springsteen’s Economic Wisdom

As I was thinking about all that is going on, I cobbled together a summary of the market madness inspired by a list of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. I am even thinking of writing him in as my choice for President since I am having a very difficult time deciding who...

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Audio: Dvorak/Horowitz Unplugged #3

From John C. Dvorak’s site:
Here is the third conversation I had with stock picker Andrew Horowitz about the post WAMU/debate market and where it is headed. What to do? This chat is not produced and presented as-is for anyone who wants to listen in.
Click HERE to listen in….

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That Sound? The FDIC Insurance Suck

According to Meredith Whitney of Oppenheimer, there is a huge amount of uninsured deposits at many of banks which could soon be causing a huge problem. If you think about it, it makes sense. As time goes on, more and more money will be moved from bank to bank as...

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Lynching Merrill – Suicide or Murder ?

It is really bad isn’t it? Even as we are being told that all is okay on Wall Street, the banks and brokers are so full of disease it can easily be compared to necrotizing fasciitis. You know, that awful flesh eating disease.

The latest shenanigans by Merrill Lynch (MER)...

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Economists Clarke and Dawe: Too True to be Funny

Sound and look familiar? These guys are too funny as they are the personification of Mr. Volgreenanke and friends.

Q: “How do you sell this subprime crap?” A:”Gift-wrapped with a vellum cover.” HYSTERICAL!

Thanks to Jim for the link!

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