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TDI Podcast: The EuroZone Domino Theory (#399)

There are more than just Greece we are concerned with – the plans by Greece could have significant ramifications for the EuroZone. But do we care? Central banks are ready to rescue us from any and all catastrophes, right?

Already this year, just 35 days in, more than 6 Central banks...

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Guest Post (DAS) : Is Cyprus More Important Than You Think?

Satyajit Das has been on the TDI Podcast many times and is a listener favorite. He brings a common sense approach to his work along with an impressive resume. Das is an avid researcher and writer and just published a very compelling piece related to the problems in Cyprus. (Links...

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The Wicked Rally – Greece Still Wants The Spotlight

Below is a recap of what sparked the wicked 1.5 – 2.0% rally from the lows today (Source:   Ransquawk):
13:47 – Italy’s Berlusconi says spoke to President Napolitano following conversation with Merkel to inform him of measures to be adopted
13:46 – Italy’s Berlusconi says he spoke to Germany’s...

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A bad day, but what about tomorrow?

We know how the U.S. markets did and that was awful. Now, the futures are pointing to weakness on the open unless we see an amazing eco or earnings report. That is doubtful.

The Euro continent is going to get walloped as confidence is clearly broken in the face of a...

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