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Lunch With Bernanke

We recently had the opportunity to attend a luncheon with Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He held positions at the Fed starting in 2002 and was appointed Chairman in 2006. He served two terms as Chairman eventually stepping down in 2014, replaced by Janet Yellen.

During his tenure, he was...

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Why are Global Yields Sinking?

Many have questioned why there is the potential for a rate cut if the U.S. economy is holding up well in the face of a global slowdown. On the heels of a “pivot” by the Fed in late 2018, the yield on the 2-year US Treasury has slipped from 2.95%...

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TDI Podcast: Harry Dent on The Sale of a Lifetime (#493)

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Guest, Harry Dent has plenty to share about his bold predictions on the next crash and then opportunity that will emerge. Andrew and Harry cover China, the global debt bubble and even sunspot cycles.

Trump is now officially the President of the United States. Already protests...

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TDI Podcast: Dollar Up, Stocks Down (#404)

In this episode we quickly discuss the US Markets and how they are being driven by the rising dollar. Oil, earnings, economics and more are the focus of our discussion.

Plus a few stocks to watch…



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TDI Podcast: Tom McClellan and Stocks to Watch (#383)

Guest: Tom McClellan provides us some very useful statistics on the market as well as some historical references that we can use in our investment process.

In this episode we talk about some of the stocks that may be in play with the Ebola scare, Stocktoberfest, Bernanke’s inability to refinance his...

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TDI Podcast : Prof. Alan Krueger and Das’s Cowbells (#369)

Great guests in this episode. First up is Professor Alan Krueger. We discuss the economy and answer the question: What is the biggest item preventing a full economic recovery in the U.S. Then we get it on with Das and explore the negative deposit rates that have been implemented by...

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China Economic Series – (Charts)

China reported GDP over the weekend and it was a disappointment in that there is a considerable slowing continues. Even though most countries would be happy with a 7.5% level, that is far below what has been expected for China.

Looking at the manufacturing, exports and imports also confirms that there...

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China Eco Is Worrisome – Latest in aSeries

Overnight there was more negative headlines that kept investors willing to sell. China is now showing a serious trend of slowing manufacturing and that is not a good sign for the health of the global economy.
June 20 (Bloomberg) — China‘s manufacturing is shrinking at a faster pace this month,...

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The Disciplined Investor’s Best of List: 2013

During last weeks podcast we discussed some of the “Best Of” various different financial tools and applications that we thought our listeners might want to check out.   Below is the list along with the links to the sites.

Best Broker / Platform

Tradestation – Brokerage and Trading Platform offering customization and...

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HUGE Load of China Economic Data – Pointing Up (However…)

There has been a swath of information that came from China official reports this weekend. From the looks of it, China’s economy may have bottomed out in September. However, this cuts both ways. As the economy shows signs of strengthening, the inflation rate is also ticking higher. That is a...

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Economics That WILL Move Markets This Week

During the week, there are some highly relevant economic numbers that will be released. New home sales will be an important data-point as the recent disappointment with existing sales from last week is still hanging over markets. Then there is the FOMC decision on Wednesday. While there is nothing expected...

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China’s Manufacturing Is Crumbling

With the pronounced slowdown in Europe and other regions around the world, China is seeing its manufacturing coming into a hard-landing. While the reports of the service sector is holding up well, both the ISM and the HSBC reports show further contraction.

This will surely cause some confusion as...

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