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TDI Podcast: Trading Oil and Stimulus Bets (#408)

In this episode we explore some of the trading opportunities in oil as well as how stimulus is providing some amazing liquidity which has pumped markets around the world.

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Global ETFs are really moving this year….

TDI Podcast: OilSchlide…OPEC Playing Chicken (#390)

In this episode we cover some of the reasons for oils recent decline and the dangerous game that is being played by OPEC. We cover some of the stocks that should be watched closely as well as the outlook for markets. Also in this episode, we look at...

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S&Ps- Will the Party Continue?

Weekly unfair highs on the S&Ps are still the fence. Will the fed speak today derail the party and push them to test this area? Watch today’s market video to find out.

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Commodity Smack Down – Chartbook

It has been a rough year for commodities to say the least. No matter what the talking heads are saying, the fact is that there is an obvious slowing in the global economies and that is taking its toll on commodity prices.

It is still unclear what is going on with...

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S&Ps…..Will We See New Highs?

Watch today’s market video report to see clearly the leverage points to be aware of on the long term , medium  term, and short term trades. The road map that TAS provides allows you to use high risk reward scenarios in conjunction with high probability setups.

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No Monday Market Video

The Daily Market Research Videos won’t be available Monday, July 8th due to travelling schedules. It will be back on Tuesday, July 9.

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