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TDI Podcast 14: CROXcast, eBay and CNBC

The CROXcast. Crocs and eBay Short Idea Discussed. CNBC Challenge Cheaters. Listener questions answered.

It has been a long weekend of comments on the blog site for The Disciplined Investor. My analysis and comments on CROX seemed to have hit a nerve. In this Podcast, we discuss many of the comments...

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CNBC Portfolio Challenge finds Cheating

It is amazing that no matter what, there are those that will find a way to cheat the system. In an apparent technology flaw, players could actually trade after the market closed, profiting on earnings and other news releases. The ability to do so was recently uncovered as a few...

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CNBC Portfolio Challenge Final Results – 2007

We ended with a $375,000 profit!

The 10 week contest is over and we came out in the top one percent of all portfolios. The fact is that we were as high as 900 and dropped down only during the final 2 weeks while still remaining in the top...

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US Auto Industry:Adapt or Die!

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Update

The last week or so has proved to be rather difficult to pick a winner even in a thick field of news related announcements. Possibly due to the fact that there is no shortage of earnings announcements or just the simple fact that we are...

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks May 2, 2007

TWO Stocks that could ROCK on news – well situated for a breakout. Review of current portfolio.


Through 5/2/2007, the TDI CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio is up 10% ($500,000 profit). The past week did not provide any substantial gains, so we are...

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 26, 2007

Picks and Strategy. Trivia Giveaway and Update on Competition

Coming up Next week: Howard Lindson: WallStrip.com, Larry Kudlow, CNBC Kudlow and Company, The Anatomy of a Day Trade.

The TDI CNBC portfolio is up 9% for this week. (ALTR) was a great addition, (KOMG), (CTXS) and (ILMN) were small losers. Today we...

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 24, 2007

Update on Challenge and Picks. Last Pick up 8% in 2 days. Selling and Buying for Tuesday 4/24/27.

Overall, we are still in the Top 1% from following a consistent strategy of utilizing core disciplines of Fundamental and Technical Analysis. In addition, throw in a dash of behavioral Finance, and we...

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 20, 2007

CNBC Competition: Stocks to BUY for Friday along with a review of the week. A short course in Fundamental and Technical Analysis

The week was probably one of the worst we have had as most positions that were closed showed slight losses. Fortunately, our thorough research allowed for a limited downside...

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 18, 2007

Special Guest – #4 overall for CNBC Competition, Evan Scherer shares secrets. CNBC Portfolio Challenge Picks for April 18, 2007 : 2 stocks to buy 2 to sell today.

Evan has over $2,700,000 as of 4/18/07. Listen to how he picks stocks for the competition.

During the final 5 weeks...

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TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 17, 2007

CNBC Portfolio Challenge Picks for April 17, 2007 : 2 stocks to buy today.

During the final 5 weeks of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, the specific disciplines that have been used during the first half of the competition for The Discipline Investor’s Portfolio will be discussed. Technical analysis...

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CNBC Market Challenge – Week 3

The third week of the CNBC challenge was quite interesting as markets were in recovery mode and the Asian markets took the lead jumping to all time highs. In fact, it was the best week for US stocks in 4 years!

The early part of the week was once again full...

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CNBC Portfolio Challenge Results – Week #2

Week # 2 brought an interesting bit of contrast. While I stayed with the basic discipline of buying prior to the earnings releases, the market was in no mood for fun.

The hangover from the “sub-prime” meltdown of the previous week was still heavy in the air. Another factor that made...

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