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Oct 14, 2012TDI Podcast: Triple E- Earnings, Economics and Europe (#284)

Technical Analysis, Earnings Season, EconomicsApple (AAPL), Alcoa (AA), JP Morgan (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC), Align (ALGN), Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG) play
Oct 07, 2012TDI Podcast: Gloom, Doom With Marc Faber and Howard Silfen on Politics (#283)

Marc Faber

Howard Silfen

Howard Silfen

Politics, Economy, Earnings Season, EconomicsApple (AAPL), Alcoa (AA), JP Morgan (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC) play
Sep 30, 2012TDI Podcast: Solving the Federal Budget with WSJ’s David Wessel (#282)

David Wessell

China economics, US Budget and deficit, Europe, EconomyApple (AAPL), Caterpillar (CAT) play
Sep 16, 2012TDI Podcast: iPhone 5, German Ruling and FED Decision with RANSquawk (#280)

Anthony Cheung

Stocks, Europe, FOMC, Stimulus, Metals, China Stimulus(ADBE), (AAPL), (VIX), (TZA) (CLF), (X), (AKS) play
Sep 09, 2012TDI Podcast: China Stimulus, FOMC and Stocks That Could Fly (#279)

Stocks, Europe, FOMC, Stimulus, Metals, China Stimulus(AAPL), (RGR), (LULU), (ULTA), (CLF), (X), (AKS), (GGB), (GX) play
Aug 19, 2012TDI Podcast: Presidential Cycles, Sector Rotation and The VIX (#276)

Tom McClellan

Vix, McClellan Oscillator, Economics, Sector Rotation(AAPL) (GOOG) (TVIX) (UNG) play
Jul 30, 2012TDI Podcast: Hot Emerging Growth Stocks with Jon Markman (#273)

Jon Markman

Joseph Brusuelas

Joseph Brusuelas

GDP, Markets, Economy, Europe, Futures(ALGN), (AAPL), (BWLD), (AMGN), (ZNGA), (GRPN), (MSFT), (MRK), (JNJ), (AMZN), (SPLK), (DCRA), (ELLI), (INXN) play
Jul 01, 2012TDI Podcast: Bloomberg’s Yamarone Outlook and EconomicTruths (#270)

Richard Yamarone

Europe, technical analysis, Obamacare,(NEM), (GOLD), (AAPL), (LNG), (GMCR), (STX), play
Jun 10, 2012TDI Podcast: The NON Bailout of Spain and Bloomberg’s Brusuelas (#267)

Joseph Brusuelas

Europe, Apple, Spain, Commodities(NEM), (GOLD), (AAPL) play
Apr 29, 2012TDI Podcast: Trends and Cycles – What To Expect Next and How to Prepare (#261)

Mark Hanna

Larry Williams

Larry Williams

IBD Market Trend, Market Cycles, Europe, China, Earnings(AAPL), (CROX), (BIDU), (GOOG), (LNKD), (TPX), (GS), (SIMO), (BWLD) play
Apr 22, 2012TDI Podcast: DAS is Back! Market Trend, China Implosion and EuroZone Troubles (#260)


China, Europe, Market Trend, Earnings, FOMC(AAPL), (AA), (GS), (VMW), (SINA), (TPX), (BAC), (RVBD), (BWLD) play
Apr 15, 2012TDI Podcast: Ed Easterling, Earnings Watch and S&P to 2,000 or 1,000? (#259)

Ed Easterling

S&P Earnings, China Eco, Employment, Stocks to Watch(AAPL), (AA), (C), (GS), (MS), (CROX) play
Apr 08, 2012TDI Podcast: Changing Trend, Is Apple’s Run Over? (#258)

Is Apple's run over< My Daily Routine, China Eco, Eco Surpise Index, Market Trend Change(AAPL), (AA) play
Apr 01, 2012TDI Podcast: Abnormal Returns with Tadas Viskanta (#257)

Tadas Viskanta

Greece, China PMI, ESI Index, Bernanke, Gas Prices(AAPL),(WPRT),(CROX),(CLNE) play
Mar 18, 2012TDI Podcast: The Psychology of The 50 Day Moving Average with Brian Shannon (#255)

Brian Shannon

Greece Default, Green Mountain Coffee, Natural Gas, Energy, Economics(SPY), (WPRT), (AAPL),(CLNE),(CRR), (MCP), (BAC), (JPM), (C), (WFC) play
Mar 04, 2012TDI Podcast: Fusion Analytics with Joshua Brown and The Non-Default Default (#253)

Joshua Brown

Natural Gas, Day, Greece, Europe,Earnings, Apple, Emplyment(UNG), (WPRT), (QCOR),(LNG),(CLR), (WTI), (AAPL),(WYNN) (SFLY) play
Feb 12, 2012TDI Podcast: VIX Surges, Apple (AAPL) Climax and Das On Europe (#250)


Europe, Vix, Middle East, Climax tops(AAPL), (VIX), (SPY), (CSCO) play
Feb 05, 2012TDI Podcast – S&P Demystifies Commodity and VIX ETFs (#249)

Siddhartha Oberoi

VIX, TweetWeek, Markets, Europe, Retail Investors, Earnings(PPO) (UNG) (GMCR) (AAPL) (QQQ) (AMZN) play
Jan 29, 2012TDI Podcast – Rigged Money with Lee Munson and Up is Down, Down is Up (#248)

Lee Munson

Markets, Europe, Retail Investors, Earnings(AAPL) (GOOG) (UNG) (SPY) (NFLX) (BAC) play