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Mar 09, 2019TDI Podcast: Energized with David Morgan (#603)

David Morgan

Energy, Commodities, Pull-Froward, China, ECB, Markets(TSLA), (GLD), (OIL), (XLE) play
Nov 05, 2017TDI Podcast: CryptoCurrency Wagering (#533)

Scott Cooley

Employment report, CryptoCurrency and Gambling, Fed Chair, Tax Bill(AAPL), ($BTC), (OIL), (TWTR), (OSTK), (TGT) play
Aug 20, 2017TDI Podcast: Dr. Hossein Kazemi On Hedge Fund Performance (#522)

Dr. Hossein Kazemi

Hedge Funds, Economics, IPOs, Terrorism(SNAP), (YOGA), (OIL), (FL), (AMZN), (APRN), (OIL) play
Aug 13, 2017TDI Podcast – Turning Points with Erik Townsend (#521)

Erik Townsend

Economics, Hedge Funds, Peak Low Oil, Vix(VIX), (ROST), (OIL), (DKS), (HD), (WMT), (TGT) play
Oct 23, 2016TDI Podcast: The HMO Economy with Das (#481)


M&A, Political Risk, Central Bank Policy errors, earnings season(TWX), (T), (GRPN), (Oil) play
Jun 26, 2016TDI Podcast: The Brexit Aftermath with Das (#467)


Brexit, Global economy, Currencies, Europe(EWG) , (EWU), (SPY), (OIL), (FL), (SRPT) play
Apr 17, 2016TDI Podcast: Ben Hunt – Think Casino Chips (#459)

Ben Hunt

Central Banks, Game Theory, Markets(OIL), (IBM) play
Mar 20, 2016TDI Podcast – Frederick Vettese (#455)

Fred Vettese

Retirement Planning, Fed, Global Economics, Oil technicals(OIl), (USO), (SPY) play
Feb 28, 2016TDI Podcast: Rules-Based Investment Strategies (#452)

Todd Tresidder

(SPY), (OIL), (FXI) play
Feb 14, 2016TDI Podcast: Good Decisions in Bad Times (#450)

Jordan Goodman

Rui Yao

Behavioral Finance, Safe Investments, Japan(OIL), (SPY), (IWM) play
Jan 31, 2016TDI Podcast: Mutual Fund Scam Theory (Debunked) (#448)

Joshua Belanger

Mutual Funds Scam, Economics, Earnings(FB), (GOOGL), (MSFT), (OIL) play
Jan 24, 2016TDI Podcast: The Right Barber Is Good For Profits (#447)

(FXI), (AAPL), (SPY), (OIL) play
Dec 20, 2015TDI Podcast: McClellan on Sharp Bottoms and Rounded Tops (#443)

Tom McClellan

Market Rotation, End of Year, Advanced-decline line, market breadth(AAPL), (GPRO), (OIL), (FDX), (NKE) play
Oct 11, 2015TDI Podcast: Paul Merriman – 22 Things to Know About Bear Markets (#433)

Paul Merriman

Bear Markets, Twitter, Volkswagon, Economy, Earnings(TWTR), (VLKAY), (OIL), (GLD), (SPY) play
Sep 13, 2015TDI Podcast: Catnip for Markets With Tadas Viskanta (#429)

Tadas Viskanta

Fed's next move, China, economics, hedge funds(AAPL), (OIL), (YANG) play
Aug 30, 2015TDI Podcast: The Savings Portfolio with Cullen Roche (#427)

Cullen Roche

China, Robo investing, Economics, Asset Allocation(AAPL), (FXI), (OIL) play
Aug 16, 2015TDI Podcast: Branding with Ellen Looyen (#425)

Ellen Looyen

Personal Branding, China, Earnings(FXI), (SHAK), (OIL) play
Aug 09, 2015TDI Podcast: Jim Rogers’s Best Ideas (#424)

Jim Rogers

US Dollar, Economy, Contrarian Investments(DBA), (SBUX), (OIL), (GLD), (SUNE) play
Mar 15, 2015TDI Podcast: Dollar Up, Stocks Down (#404)

(OIL), (SHAK) play
Feb 02, 2015TDI Podcast : Peter Pham on Reification and MutliStability (#398)

Peter Pham

Global economics, markets, earnings, technical analysis(AAPL), (MSFT), (OIL), (SPY) play