Date PublishedTitleGuestPodcast TopicsStocksAudio
Oct 01, 2017TDI Podcast: Crypto-Currency Trading with Damon Southward (#528)

Damon Southward

Economics, CryptoCurrency Trading(Bitcoin), (Etherium), (TGT), (KR) play
Jul 23, 2017TDI Podcast – Ross Cameron The Trading Warrior (#518)

Ross Cameron

Day Trading, Stock Setups, Trading Ideas(GLD), (Bitcoin), (GOOG), (CMG), (F) play
Jul 16, 2017TDI Podcast – Back from Vacation (#517)

The Fed, Gold, Bitcoin Crash, Vacation Update, Europe(GDX), (AAPL), (GLD), (TGT), (KR), (BitCoin) play