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Spearman Indicator – Flashing a Sell Signal

One of the newer oscillators on the Bloomberg platform, the Spearman Indicator has done a fairly good job at showing potential points to buy or sell. Here we are looking at the S&P 500 index. The chart below shows that the indicator has flashed a sell signal recently and it...

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TDI Podcast – Your Questions Are Answered (#497)

Markets don’t want to give up anything – even with a small hiccup on Thursday, every dip (minute by minute) is being bought. Volumes are average but there is so much fewer shares in the market these days with all of the buybacks that appears easier to push markets.

Economics are...

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DHUnplugged #298: 2008 Part II ?

It was a historic week on Wall Street. 2016 started with a nasty blow to markets. Investors liquidated as they ran for cover and headlines are painting a bleak picture.

Earnings season, China, crude and the major news that will move markets are all discussed. We also confirm our car sales...

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Key Reversal Indicator (KRI) Update

It has been an interesting start to the year as volatility has dropped and buyers have thus far been buying every dip, no matter how shallow or deep. The Key Reversal Indicator (KRI) has not shown any significant areas of concern toward oversold or overheating so far.

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TDI Podcast: Yen Mania, More Warning Signs and The Sour Apple

It has become a very troubling condition with the markets as there is a buy-the-dip mentality that is permeating investors thoughts has market reversal written all over it. Even as some of the recent economic data is better than expected, the sequestration, high gas prices and the lower...

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