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A Longer-Term Look at the Spearman Indicator

We have written in the past about the Spearman Indicator and how it is a decent tool for over-bought and over-sold signals. We often use this as a secondary measure to confirm the potential for a change of trend.

For the most part, the best use of this is for severe...

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A Quick Look at Spearman Indicator and The KRI

It has been a difficult week for markets. No telling what is in store for next week (or the week after that).

Listen to the latest TDI Podcast for further insight.

There are a few things that we can notice as we look for trading opportunities via trend indicators. For...

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Spearman and Key Reversal Indicator Update

The markets have been leaning toward sell mode as we are clearly seeing a rotation and distribution process over the past several months.

Earlier today, we saw that an important level was reached for the SPY/S&P 500 in terms of the TriggerCharts Aileron Indicator. The indicator hit its highest level since...

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Spearman Indicator- Not Done Yet

The Spearman indicator is following the direction of a market in a downtrend. More often than not, when there is divergence with the indicator slope versus the market direction, there is more to come in the move. That would mean that we are not quite done yet with the sell-off.


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