Silver (SLV): Short Entry Setup Explained

Yes, going at shorting Silver (SLV) again. We have stayed away as there has been an erratic behavior over the last month or so. But, this metal has been quite interesting as there have been several times that seemingly out of nowhere   it drops and then recovers...

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Indicators We are Watching…

Here are a few indicators we are watching. A few are showing some signs that the rally is getting strained. Last week we saw some very good news on the earnings front with a few decent economic reports. Even so, markets fell on increased volume. Not a good sign.

Sentiment seems...

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TDI Podcast 129: Das on Traders, Guns & Money

Guest: Satyajit Das discusses the ins and outs of banking finance. How long can they continue to live off of government subsidies? What are the real inner workings and can we trust investing in them. We also touch on world finance as well as backdoor financing of the...

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TDI Podcast 126: Gold Bears and Bullish Neon Sightings

Guests: Jon Markman, MSN Money and Vitaliy Katsenelson, Investment Management Associates. We discuss the value of Gold…or said better we ask the question of how to value gold. Is China telling us the whole story? Markman explaines the bullish signals he sees for the markets as well as why there...

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World Markets – Connected via Propaganda?

There have been several articles written of late that explore the highly correlated markets around the world. If you have not noticed, more often than not, when the U.S. market moves lower for the day, major European markets follow along.

Then, in the evening, Asia moves higher/lower and we see pre-market...

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Maximize Your Investing Potential

Today only, Andrew Horowitz is teaching a free investing course at Cyber Trading University.   If you are ready to maximize your investing potential, join  Andrew at 12PM EST  to take advantage of this  exciting opportunity to learn from a master.   Andrew will cover:

Pattern Recognition
Stop Placement
QuantaFundaTechna –...

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Video: Supply Will Drive Oil Down

I say the fundamentals don’t support   higher oil prices, and he expects them to fall back below recent peaks.

Watch the video on MSN Money

Supply will drive oil down

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Disturbing: U.S. Dollar as the Safe Haven

Interesting. There is a change occurring withing the currency markets of late. What was sold off during the March-May mega rally is now being bought. Japan’s Yen, England’s Pound and the U.S. Dollar are once again gaining favor.

Notice the first of three charts that we posted below show the initial...

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ETF Death by Contango

We have been desirous of buying oil and eventually we may want to look into Natural Gas. There is a problem though… Contango. This creates a problem for anyone investing in oil or several other commodity investments, especially when investing through ETFs and ETNs.

The reason is that the wider the...

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NYSE Volume Reversal Day

It is important to track sentiment indicators and volume (up/down) is one that can provide us with clues as to what investors are thinking. I like this particular chart that we watch regularly to help discern the daily preferences and the extent of buying and selling pressure.

Notice that on the...

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Chart: BIC not BRIC

Below is a chart of the BIC index that we have created in order to track its progress. It is an equal weight of Brazil, India and China (Hong Kong) markets. We have been investing using the iShares ETFs for portfolios as these represent a good way to gain exposure...

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Chart: 4 Bad Bears revisited

Where do we go from here?

The new plan from the Treasury and the big bucks from the Fed sure got the party rolling today. Could this be the end of the pain? Somehow, it does not seem that way, considering that the most recent estimate for...

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