TDI Podcast: Let’s Get Some Big Things Done! (#401)

In this episode we  talk to Erica Dhawan about leadership, innovation and how to more efficiently across different cultures / generations. Also, we look at the recent extension for Greece and levels for markets.

With the S&P 500’s price now 18x projected earnings, is there a bit too much froth or...

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How To Find Holes, Fast Zone and Consolidation Pattern

This is a replay of the June 18th, 2014 TriggerCharts webinar. In this video, we look at how Radar can provide a transparent view of price pattern to find holes, fast zones and consolidations. We also go over some of the key features and configurations.

The TriggerCharts...

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TriggerCharts Webinar – Finding Reversals

Looking for Reversal Patterns in Stocks, ETFs and Futures

Level: Intermediate

In this session, we will get more in depth about characteristics of some of the most successful trading strategies.



In this session you will learn:


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Webinar Today – Spotting Winners in The Rotation

Webinar – Stocks and ETFs Update

Every other Tuesday we host a webinar for Tradestation. This week we will look at the rotation and how to spot the winners and losers.

Stocks and ETFs Update is a weekly LiveOnTheWeb presentation reviewing and previewing the action in stocks and ETFs.

Offered Tuesdays at 11...

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Webinar – Spotlight On…. (FREE)

Tuesday, April 1st at 4:30pm (ET)

Determine and Nurture Your Trading Style. In this webinar, we look to elevate and build on new and existing trading strategies using the various tools provided by TradeStation. We will delve deeper to develop a concrete approach of what to trade, when to...

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TradeStation Weekly Stock/ETF Update (Video)

This is a replay of Tuesday’s (3/11/2014) TradeStation Webcast.

It was really well attended and if you want to register for the upcoming sessions (free) check it out HERE

We covered a good amount of ground and answered some excellent questions.  The discussion included:

Foreign ETFs...

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Billionaires: This is Cool (All You Ever Wanted to Know)

Bloomberg’s Visual Data provides us with representation of the world’s billionaires.  Who they are, where they are from, how much money they have made or lost YTD as well as filters to view by industry, citizenship, gender, age and source of wealth.

Bill Gates (Microsoft) tops the list at $77.5B...

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Tradestation Stocks and ETFs Webinar (Video Replay)

Every other Tuesday, we host the Stocks and ETFs webinar for Tradestation where we discuss some of the important trends and what to look for in the coming weeks/days.

Today, we discussed the relationship of the USD to the Turkish Lira and how that is effecting markets as well as a...

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TDI Podcast: 2014 Broker Rankings and 5 THINGS (#352)

Guest: Blain Reinkensmeyer from takes us through the recently published 2014 results. There is some great information available in this study/ranking. We also take a look at some tools that are available on the Stocktradingtogo site. Some nice tools and more coming. We also have to talk about the...

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