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The Archives section contains a collection of historical blog posts, discussions, economic trends and other historical writings from The Disciplined Investor. The information found here may be out of date and no longer relevant to the current environment.

The High Cost of Inkjet Printing

The fact is that shareholder value has been growing with these companies (Especially HP) and unless there contrary mediation, there should be no reason to be concerned that these types of profits will not continue to rise as more people adopt the inkjet as their core printer.

Thin is in and Stout is out!

Looking at the Beer companies and the diet companies in a punishing market, where is the money to be made


According to, a blog (short for Weblog) is “a Web page that serves as a publicly-accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily or weekly, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. The definition of blog is constantly evolving, though, as blogs move into the mainstream, shedding their image as the bastion of the self-obsessed who just have to self-express. Thousands of new blogs are being...

Leave your emotional baggage behind

We all know that emotions are really important when it comes to investing BUT: what it was going on lately is rather ridiculous. Sure, earning season has been a bit choppy as companies have been coming out with excellent numbers (looking backwards) and below estimated numbers (looking forward); But we need to realize that much of this has been anticipated previously. The problem lies in the fact that much...

2007 Changes – Investment Insights

December/January 2007 Investment Insights This edition of Investment Insights will be the first time in a while that I have made a significant change to the overall subject matter that will become a staple of the monthly report. For the past two years, we have provided a smattering of economic and investment information in both table, graph and written format. Some of this is geared as informative and others...

On Target

It has been quite a year. Surely the downs and the ups have been memorable. The ups fortunately outlasted the downs and the year seems to be closing in with the Dow Jones 30 up over 15%. The S&P 500 also did well as did almost every growth oriented mutual fund. There have been a few surprises as well, even if the year is not yet complete. Probably the...