Month: February 2020

TDI Podcast: Lesson Learned (#649)

New proposal floated to incentivize stock purchases and stocks rally because – well, stocks rally!

Consumer debt hits all-time high – we are now living in the upside down.

A sneak peak at a special announcement.

Plus listener questions – one specific to the idea of “holding on too long – no trading...

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DHUnplugged #492: Hard Stop

Markets stage a stunning comeback after a horrific week. Updates on the Baltic Dry Index – shows that global trade is suffering since peaking in September 2019. Tesla finally comes back down to earth – for a day – and an update on the impact of the fast spreading CoronaVirus....

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TDI Podcast: Sudden Stop (#648)

What happens when an economy grinds to a halt like we are seeing with China?

We explore a great Barron’s Roundtable interview with Mohamed El-Erian from this weekend. There are some great insights within this discussion.

Plus listener questions – one specific to the idea of “price discovery”.


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DHUnplugged #491: All-Clear Or All-Fear ?

Investors are re-rating global growth in light of the CornaVirus outbreak – maybe. Tax hikes are being floated as plans to help middle income earners by the democratic candidates – how is that going to win over voters? Markets around the world on edge – but is this PLUS we...

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TDI Podcast: Markets Catching A Cold (#647)

The potential for a global pandemic is creating quite a stir with markets. We dig down into some strategies and past events that had similar characteristics.

We were destined for a correction, but is this the catalyst that will remove some of the froth that has built up?

Plus a listener...

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