Month: October 2019

DHUnplugged #476: Appeal of The Skinny Deal

Earnings season is officially underway. Financials reporting mixed results with JP Morgan leading the way to the upside and Goldman Sachs to the downside. We have a skinny, partial Phase 1 Trade Deal with China – what does it mean? IMF drops global growth to levels not seen since 2008/2009....

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WeWork Aftermath – Ripples Or Waves?

Looking past the residential market, the one area within the real estate complex that we see some potential problems with relates to the commercial sector. In particular, the aftermath of the incredible explosion of flexible/shared office space that was forged by companies like WeWork. The company found its beginnings in...

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TDI Podcast: Katie Bar The Door (#632)

The trade deal – is it in principal or principle? Either way it is a framework of an idea that has the opportunity to become a partial, skinny, Phase 1 or a bigger deal. We take a deep-dive into what was done and how this may impact markets.

We also consider...

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TDI Podcast: Zero is the Big News (#631)

Goldilocks is in the house!  WeWork – Looking at the ramification of a deal gone bad. Market Breath questions – Participation waning.

Historic events in the investment world – yes, ZERO commissions is the now new normal – but at what price? Will there be a massive industry consolidation?


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DHUnplugged #475: The Fake List

Trade talks back on – then Trump hints on delisting Chinese companies trading on U.S. exchanges. Moving from an all out trade war to a new financial war. A race to the bottom in fees – puts a dent in major discount brokerage shares. The latest manufacturing report shows that...

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