Month: May 2019

TDI Podcast: The ChartMaster – Brian Shannon (#611)

First, let’s get to the bottom of these tariffs.  Who is really footing the bill?

Brian Shannon explains exactly what is VWAP and how to use in the technical analysis process.

Brian Shannon, full-time trader, educator and author of the highly regarded book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, is the founder of...

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DHUnplugged #455: The Big Switch

China Trade deal is going great! Check that, maybe not so good after all. WAIT – things are good… Nope, seems that there is a snag. Make up your minds! Employment report takes markets up to new highs, Buffett is buying Amazon – or is he? The Closest to the...

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TDI Podcast – What is a Melt-Up Anyway? (#610)

Employment looking good. Market cheers after the report after dipping earlier in the week.

The Fed is looking like they have no idea how to forecast. What are they seeing (smoking) that made them believe that the economy was going over a cliff?

Melt-Up talk is all the rage – and we...

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DHUnplugged #454: High-Ho!

Fed meeting this week – Trump pressing for a 1% CUT! $2 trillion in infrastructure spending proposed and no end in sight to the historic U.S. debt. Markets on autopilot, some fun facts and a look at earnings. The Closest to the Pin and much more – PLUS we are...

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