Month: May 2019

DHUnplugged #458: Reversion to Inversion

Interest rates are starting to get the attention of investors again as we are seeing more inversions occurring. Moving toward the end of the month, bulls will try to bring up stocks as major indices are down the for five consecutive weeks. A look at the new trend toward veggie...

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TDI Podcast: Digital Transformation Stocks with Jon Markman (#613)

Jon Markman provides a great depth of knowledge in several areas that we discuss in this episode. From the future of autonomous driving to the state of the economy.

We spend some time discussing the real impact on GDP from the trade war and then get into a fascinating discussion about...

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DHUnplugged #457: The Decennial Taco Meet

After 10 long years, we finally got to meet in personal again. Great time in Austin with some cold beers and soft tacos. JCD found a terrific spot for lunch. Markets are down for several weeks and now there is more than a simple trade war to worry about. Treasury...

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TDI Podcast: Danielle DiMartino Booth (#612)

Danielle DiMartino Booth is our guest this week as we discuss the inside of the Fed and how they really make decisions.

Plus, a rundown of the week and how investors may be looking at companies that are unprofitable.

Danielle DiMartino Booth makes bold predictions based on meticulous research and her years...

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DHUnplugged #456: The Real Deal

Rhetoric about the tariffs and who is actually paying is getting thick. markets smell a rat in the process and are starting to figure this out. We take a look at why markets are reacting so violently, look at the news that is moving stocks and more. The Closest to...

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