Month: December 2018

DHUnplugged #434: Odious

Extreme volatility as investors go from euphoria to hysteria – all in a matter of hours. Headlines continue to come fast and furious creating a minefield for investors. As the end of the year approaches, will that sought after rally take hold? Plus – the 2018 DH CTP Cup  is...

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TDI Podcast: No More Leeway (#591)

So much for seasonality…. DJIA gives back all of last week’s cheer.

There are frantic yield inversion worries

And Listener Questions…

Plus, a look at some of the reasons that markets continue to be in sell-the-rip mode.

Link to Passive vs. Active Investing Report

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Stocks mentioned in this...

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DHUnplugged #433: Dead Cred

The yield curve is collapsing. This could be something important to watch as the 2/10’s are on a path to invert. Plenty of conjecture over what really happened at the G-20 meeting – we get to the bottom it. Plus, a look at the hottest scam that is raking in...

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TDI Podcast: American Business Exceptionalism (#590)

Our guest, Arthur Herman shares some incredible stories of success that evolved through a quasi public/private partnership – before and during WW2.

Business leaders across all sectors came together with one mind, one goal – win the war. Which business leaders today could be in line to help provide that kind...

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