Month: September 2018

TDI Podcast: You Get What You Pay For (#581)

Looking at the latest news may not be in your best interest as an investor. Stay focused and remove distractions.

A look at the value potential for Tesla (TSLA) if Elon Musk is removed as CEO.

Plus, a sneak peak at the study we are in the process of completing regarding the...

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DHUnplugged #424: The Trade Kerfuffle

What to call it? If it looks like a trade-war, swims like a trade-war, and quacks like a trade-war, then it probably is a trade-war. But call it what you will…. Plenty of M&A news this week and an update on the never-ending buybacks that are helping to support markets....

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TDI Podcast: ‘Tis The Seasonality (#580)

This week’s guest, Christoph Zenk – of Seasonax explains how seasonal trends can help investors with entry and exit timing.

The newly created Seasonax App is a really cool and useful tool for uncovering important trends that were once very difficult to find. We explore an some interesting patterns and...

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TDI Podcast: The Amer-Nomadic Dream (#579)

An up week after a down week, new tariffs on top of old tariffs and a twist on the American Dream. Our guest this week, Kathy Fettke – Author and founder of the Real Wealth Network, shows us where the opportunities are with real estate investing and how to get...

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DHUnplugged #423: Storm Approaching

Hurricane Florence is on her way to the east coast of the U.S. A storm is also starting to build within the fixed income arena that will be explored. Plus – a look at the latest economic reports and stocks to watch. ; See this week’s stock picks HERE...

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